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Most Arden on the Severn lots are required to pay deed-mandated lot fees annually for the maintenance and operations of the Arden Beaches, Inc. properties to include private beaches and boat ramps. Although the community of Arden on the Severn is not an HOA, these mandatory lot fees must be paid annually to properties become subject to lien. Because we are not an HOA, often times this is an important requirement that can be overlooked by real estate agents and title companies. For specific questions, please use the CONTACT US form.


Arden Beaches, Inc. (ABI) manages and oversees the operation of Arden's private beaches and boat ramps within the community. ABI is NOT an official Homeowner's Association, nor is it recognized by Anne Arundel County or the State of Maryland as a town-governing body. ABI holds no restrictions or covenants on property owners. Property owners are required to pay the annual deed-mandated fee associated with each lot for maintenance of ABI properties. This fee is dictated by the original property deed granted by Sunrise Beach, Inc. to the purchaser (most of which are dated in the 1950s). These are the deeds that created our subdivision, originally known as Sunrise Beach identified by SDAT as subdivision code 748.

The current annual per lot fee is $32. If an owner does not remain current with their annual assessment, they will no longer be permitted to access ABI property, and liens may be attached to recover the outstanding payments. Unpaid assessments remain with the property and will be passed on to the new homeowner if not paid at settlement. Of course, no one wants this to happen.

The corporation carries a master insurance plan that covers all of the active board members and seasonal personnel hired to manage beach operations.

If you have further questions on this subject (for instance, if the person is up to date on their ABI annual payments), please CONTACT US.

If you need a C.O.I. (Certificate of Insurance) for the Arden Properties, please contact:

Bay Area Insurance Group

Agent: Linda Anderson

818 E College Parkway

Annapolis MD 21409-5629

410 647 7333 x111

Email: linda@bayareains.com

* When contacting Bay Area Insurance Group for a COI, be SURE to reference Arden Beaches Inc in the subject line of your email.