Beach ReservationS

Only current ABI Members may request beach reservations. Reservations can only be made at Beach 1 and Beach 4 due to limited parking at the other beaches.

Please read below prior to submitting your reservation request form:

  • Beach Reservations require a $75 rental fee plus a $25 trash removal fee for a total of $100. A separate $50 cleaning deposit is required and will be refunded upon acceptable inspection of the property after use. Please note that County recycling services are not available at our private beach properties. Removal of recyclables is highly encouraged so that they may be properly recycled curbside at your home.

  • A beach reservation does not entitle you to a specific area of the beach. If available, you will be allowed at least one grill and up to 2 picnic tables. Beach areas are first come, first served for tables and grills.

  • You may not reserve a space prior to gate opening on the day of your event. We merely ensure that there are no other large parties scheduled on the same beach for the same period that combined, would exceed 50 persons or 10 cars.

  • Card-carrying residents ALWAYS have the right to use the beaches before guests. Please work with each other if you have a non-calendar beach event with appropriately covered guests under your beach cards, and run into beach reservations. The reservation events are a revenue source to help us maintain our properties and a great amenity offered to qualifying residents.


You must live in Arden and be current with your lot fees/credentials to reserve a beach. Non-resident requests will not be processed. There is zero tolerance for underage drinking on all ABI properties. The reservation is not completed or placed on the calendar until the reservation fee and security deposit is received. The ABI registrar will send an invoice to the email provided on the reservation form, providing payment options to complete the reservation.

1. Beach Party Capacity:

There may be more than one party reserved at any given time, but at no time, will the total party reservations exceed:

  • Beach #1 50 Total People

  • Beach #2 Not Available for Booking

  • Beach #4 50 Total People

  • Beach #5 Not Available for Booking

2. Beach Parking Vehicle Capacity:

  • Beach #1 10 Non-Resident Vehicles

  • Beach #4 10 Non Resident Vehicles

NOTE: The number of guests for the reservation and number of non-resident vehicle capacity listed above will be strictly enforced in order to provide residents with ample parking, beach area, and amenities. Sponsor will be responsible for compliance. You must manage your parking for your guest vehicles to avoid potential towing costs of $300 or more at the owner's expense. You must have your ABI card with you during your event.

3. All lot fees must be currently paid in order for Sponsor to schedule a party.

4. All ABI Beach Parties must be scheduled at least ten (10) days in advance and will only be accepted for the current year beginning January 1st.

5. ABI Guest Parking Passes will be provided based on the # above. Sponsor must identify guest vehicles with ABI Guest Parking Passes. Passes must be displayed on the driver’s side, front windshield, under the wiper blade. Max 10 permits.

6. Glass containers of any kind are NOT permitted.

7. Clean up and leave the beach in the same or better condition than when you found it or you risk forfeiture of your security deposit! Return picnic tables and any other items moved to their original location.

8. Party Sponsor is responsible for allotted # of guests, allotted # of vehicles, conduct of all guests, and any damage to beach or adjacent properties by guest(s).

9. All vehicles, guests, and residents must vacate the beach by 9 PM during a weekday, 11 PM on a weekend (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) or Holiday.

10. If alcohol beverages are consumed and the driver of the vehicle does not feel comfortable driving due to alcohol consumption, the vehicle may be left on ABI property until noon the following day. If the vehicle is left there beyond noon the following day, it may be towed at owner’s expense.

11. Each Beach Party on Beaches #1 and #4 will be allowed the use of up to two picnic tables. Additional tables will need to be supplied by the Sponsor.

12. NO animals are allowed in party or beach area.

13. Failure to comply with these rules could result in loss of beach privileges.

14. You must be at least 21 years old to make a beach reservation

15. By signing the beach reservation form, the ABI resident sponsor agrees to all the rules and accepts responsibility for compliance.

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