In accordance with the 2023 annual shareholder meeting and subsequent vote, below are links to the upcoming fee schedule related to the Regulation-Required Annual Access User Fee per tax account number (subject to inflation). Proposed User Fees for 2024 - 2026 have been approved by ABI shareholders and are not subject to change at this time. Annual Deed-Mandated Lot Assessments are not subject to change per deeded covenant . All other fees are reviewed and subject to change every two (2) years depending upon the need, and any proposed fee revisions will be identified by the ABI Board and presented to shareholders for vote during the annual meeting.


These facts are being shared to help squash rumors and misinformation surrounding ABI fees (deed-mandated annual lot assessments, regulation-required annual access user fees, optional owner amenity annual fees, and non-owner annual use and amenity fees). Please use caution and discretion when reading social media posts surrounding this subject matter as they are not from official sources and based on independent opinion and interpretation. Consider the source and check your facts here.

Below are the facts about the ABI Fee Structure:

a. Deed-Mandated Lot assessments and the regulation-required annual access user fee are the primary funding source for basic operations, and property and infrastructure maintenance. 

b. Optional Amenity fees are established to support the specific amenities for which they are charged.

What Gives ABI the right?

Covenant #5 of Sunrise Beach property deed chains is the legal document that gives ABI the right to implement regulations related to the use of its properties which includes user fees implemented by shareholder vote and bylaw amendment in 1988 and the access user fee for beach passes implemented by shareholder vote in 2018. The 2023 shareholder-approved increase to the existing annual access user fee for beach passes is not a new few.