In accordance with the 2023 annual shareholder meeting and subsequent vote, below are links to the upcoming fee schedule related to the Mandatory User Fee per tax account number (subject to inflation). Proposed User Fees for 2024 - 2026 have been approved by ABI shareholders and are not subject to change at this time. Deed-Mandated Lot Assessment Fees are not subject to change. All other fees are subject to change on an annual basis. Any revisions to those fees will be identified by the ABI Board and presented to shareholders for vote during the annual meeting.


To help squash rumor surrounding ABI fees (deed-mandated annual lot assessments, mandatory annual user fees subject to inflation, and optional annual non-owner use and amenity fees). Please use caution and discretion when reading explanations on social media which is reflective of the poster's individual interpretation, perception and opinion rather than facts. Consider the source and check your facts here.

Below are the facts about the ABI Fee Structure:

a. Mandatory Lot assessments and user fees are the primary funding source for general beach and property maintenance and operations (e.g., sand refurbishment, swim area maintenance, beach and park maintenance, stormwater management improvements and maintenance, steep slope stabilization, retaining and sea walls, shoreline stabilization, and employment and contracted operational services related to property maintenance, security, and use). 

b. Amenity fees are the primary funding source for the respective infrastructure (e.g., vehicle, ramp, dinghy dock and watercraft rack storage pass issuance support maintenance of ramps, piers, and racks).