contractor ramp

access request

Only current ABI Members in Good Standing may request contractor ramp access for light marine work on Arden resident private vessels, piers, and boat lifts. ABI Members must have either purchased a ramp access pass for their vessel, or pay the $75 ramp access fee for use.

Please read below prior to submitting your request form:

Note:  If the Contractor violates any part of the authorized access, the Contractor will be banned from future access, and a warning will be issued to the Sponsor. Repeat violation may result in ramp privileges being revoked and potential fines charged for reinstatement of privileges.




ABI BOARD – Arden Beaches, Incorporated’s Board of Governors

AUTHORIZED USER – A User (as defined below) must be current in all ABI fees, holding a current ramp permit, and responsible for the actions of the contractor.

MAINTENANCE and/or MINOR REPAIR – General maintenance and repair to a pier, bulkhead, and/or lifts.  

PROPERTY OWNER – Any owner of a residential lot shown upon the subdivision plat of Sunrise Beach.

SCOPE OF WORK – Detailed description of the work to be performed by the contractor.

STANDARD TRAILER – An on-the-road trailer hauling less than oversized loads.

STANDARD VEHICLE – Car, Pick-Up Truck, or SUV.

STANDARD VESSEL – A vessel less than 8’6” beam and under 25’ in length. 

USER – A Property Owner (as defined above) or Sunrise Beach lot and plot resident requesting the Contractor Ramp Pass.


The assigned ABI representative and the Authorized User shall ensure all rules are being met.  If any rules are violated the Contractor may be banned from future access and a written warning may be issued to the Authorized User at the discretion of the ABI Board.