Capital improvement program


ABI property maintenance and operations are funded through mandatory annual lot assessments, the sale of vehicle parking passes, ramp access passes, dinghy dock storage passes, watercraft storage rack passes, and through various fundraiser opportunities. Larger property maintenance needs to ensure the integrity of our valuable infrastructure require funding beyond the nominal annual deed-mandated lot fees, in the form of inflation. To justify such an inflation, ABI is conducting outreach efforts to educate shareholders of our private beach properties and the infrastructure maintenance needs thereon.

ABI private beach PROPERTIES

Beach 1/Tuefel park

Total Tax Account Responsibility: 167,584 acres

Total Property Assessment Value: $4,616,639

Beach 2/kayak beach

Total Tax Account Responsibility: 99,950 acres

Total Property Assessment Value: $2,753,444

Beach 4/Ramp 4

Total Tax Account Responsibility: 67,827 acres

Total Property Assessment Value: $1,868,512

beach 5/easements

Total Tax Account Responsibility: 238,305 acres

Total Property Assessment Value: $6,564,876

total estimated ABI PROPERTy value

Total Property Acreage & Estimated Property Value.pdf